Thursday, May 16, 2013

Entertainment Planning

Planning entertainment for Corporate functions brings into play a different dynamic that for Social functions. The politics for one thing are much harder to understand. June 23 of this year we will provide an entertaining after dinner Show for State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. in the Gold Room of the San Francisco Fairmont Hotel.  Planning this event, client considerations included; 1) what was chosen on past occasions; 2) what fit best with the company culture; 3) how dominant and frequent would the entertainment be experienced. In such situations when predictions are anything but certain patient and consistent followup with the client serves to produce the best possible outcome. In this case after half a dozen suggestions with web site samples and a decision making process lasting several weeks it was decided that 'The Singing Waiters' would work best for this company event. 

My agency offers a twist on this typical operatic production. The five performers are disguised as waiters who dabble at table service during the meal only to reveal their true selves around desert time stepping up onto a stage for a rousing vocal harmony Doo-wop styled 45 minute show complete with an acrobatic rap number. Brings the diners to their feet every time. 

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