Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance conventioneers were thrilled with the entertainment my agency provided this past Sunday, June 23. This after over a dozen suggestions during the planning phase to impress this well travelled group. Its nice to get an e mail from the Planner late in the evening at the nights conclusion: 

"Hi Peter, just wanted to let you know the Doo-Wop singing group did an awesome job!  Everyone just loved them, and very concerned when Bud (staged) his fall with the spoons.  One of our attendees rushed over to him and wanted to help him up, and was super concerned.  Then when he sang and thanked our person, it was a relief for our person.  They just did an outstanding job (as "Singing Waiters").

Same for the Jazz Quartet.  Our group loved them!!!  Both were fantastic and thank you for helping me have a wonderful evening.

Thanks, Laura! 

The performers also went the extra mile recording on site this little refrain:

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Last weekend June 8, the aforementioned 450 person Indian/Scottish wedding my Music Agency helped produce was a smashing success. 

Logistics issues included a building freight elevator that went out the week before the event and gusting winds day of at the San Francisco Metreon's City View, outdoor Terrace. But we made it happen! 

The Scottish and Indian Dancers were captivating and engaged the attention of the assembled guests all armed with their iPhones. And here was a case of being tasked by the clients to find a local band that sounded like an international 'rising star' : Morcheeba. This is the kind of service that only a Music Agent will take the time and quality research to provide. My solution was the enchanting Ms. Scheherazade Stone.


Use Code Word: song

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Entertainment Planning

Planning entertainment for Corporate functions brings into play a different dynamic that for Social functions. The politics for one thing are much harder to understand. June 23 of this year we will provide an entertaining after dinner Show for State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. in the Gold Room of the San Francisco Fairmont Hotel.  Planning this event, client considerations included; 1) what was chosen on past occasions; 2) what fit best with the company culture; 3) how dominant and frequent would the entertainment be experienced. In such situations when predictions are anything but certain patient and consistent followup with the client serves to produce the best possible outcome. In this case after half a dozen suggestions with web site samples and a decision making process lasting several weeks it was decided that 'The Singing Waiters' would work best for this company event. 

My agency offers a twist on this typical operatic production. The five performers are disguised as waiters who dabble at table service during the meal only to reveal their true selves around desert time stepping up onto a stage for a rousing vocal harmony Doo-wop styled 45 minute show complete with an acrobatic rap number. Brings the diners to their feet every time. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The year to date has seen its usual variety of events needing our agency entertainment: some early weddings, one at the new Fairmont Heritage Place in Ghiradelli Square; a few 'wedding proposals' from a new York Planner specializing in staging these surprise moments at unique locations in San Francisco complete with music; Boulevard Restaurant with an exuberant  group of Spanish diners; The Western Athletic Clubs member's socials at a new location in Ross; The Disney Museum with their themed open houses; The Nat'l Parks Conservancy with music at various 'trail heads'; and of course the San Francisco Fairmont Hotel with half a dozen corporate events. 

We will again be supplying an audio Soundscape in June for a local DMC company with inbound bused groups to a private ranch in San Geronimo.  Their theme is 'Cowboy' as expressed through music of all kinds to be played on each bus.  Duck for cover.

Planning weddings with music can be a fun process (for this agent anyway) knowing that in the end sound brings so much pleasure to an occasion like this. Challenges are never in short supply with both wedding and corporate events given unique personal taste (not always discernible), logistical hurdles and the decision making process which depending on the number of participants can be quite unpredictable. Looking forward to the rest of the season with music.

Monday, January 7, 2013

2012 was yet another period for helping people with music and entertainment of many kinds at weddings and corporate events in the Bay Area. Some of the Napa wedding sites get more challenging with each passing year. Due not only to their remoteness but also the unpredictable weather, both the guests and the musicians are never fully sure what to expect once on site. Last minute tenting and protecting onstage music gear from dampness is often of critical importance. During these times working with experienced Wedding Planners who know the site logistics and have the full confidence of their clients makes our job as entertainment providers much easier.

The requirement for site Liability Insurance is an ever present need. Especially in San Francisco Hotels the monetary parameters for coverage continue to be beyond the reach of individual bands and their leaders. My music agency stays abreast of these stipulations though recently at one site asking for $10 mil. coverage I had to draw the line!

Another highlight of 2012 was providing a video 'Soundscape' for Googles December holiday party at the Computer History Museum in Mt. View. Here an entire room was dedicated to a seafood buffet. While 2000 guests enjoyed the seafood they also viewed its origins in unfolding dramatic sea life on a
9 X 12 foot screen accompanied by a engaging contemporary sound track. Heightened sensibilities of taste and sight for sure.

Heres the 'Ocean' Soundscape: 12 min.

Here's a short video documentary on the site installation itself:

For 2013, looking forward to finding more interesting Music, Dance Bands and creating custom Soundscapes for the public at large.