Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The year to date has seen its usual variety of events needing our agency entertainment: some early weddings, one at the new Fairmont Heritage Place in Ghiradelli Square; a few 'wedding proposals' from a new York Planner specializing in staging these surprise moments at unique locations in San Francisco complete with music; Boulevard Restaurant with an exuberant  group of Spanish diners; The Western Athletic Clubs member's socials at a new location in Ross; The Disney Museum with their themed open houses; The Nat'l Parks Conservancy with music at various 'trail heads'; and of course the San Francisco Fairmont Hotel with half a dozen corporate events. 

We will again be supplying an audio Soundscape in June for a local DMC company with inbound bused groups to a private ranch in San Geronimo.  Their theme is 'Cowboy' as expressed through music of all kinds to be played on each bus.  Duck for cover.

Planning weddings with music can be a fun process (for this agent anyway) knowing that in the end sound brings so much pleasure to an occasion like this. Challenges are never in short supply with both wedding and corporate events given unique personal taste (not always discernible), logistical hurdles and the decision making process which depending on the number of participants can be quite unpredictable. Looking forward to the rest of the season with music.

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