Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What value does a Music Agent bring to the client transaction? There was a time in recent years when the News Anchor's role was considered dead. And yet like them Music Agencies can and do play a valuable & similar role: making meaningful the abundance of data today with its ubiquitous distribution through the internet. Read this interesting interview with CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley whose show's ratings are increasing. I have substituted words to draw a parallel with the music profession.

"….never in human history has so much information [music] been available to so many people, but unfortunately that also means that never in human history has so much bad information [music] been available to so many people."

"I read an article in the NY Times with interviews with editors from various news [music] websites, and one of those editors said the metabolism of the news [music] cycle now is such that they don't always have time to check everything before they put it out. Well, that is the end of journalism [the music agency] (and) is antithetical to everything we stand for. The other model is called gossip. And journalism [the music agent] was invented to be an antidote to gossip."