Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Should I have music at my event and if so what kind?

Explore our relationship with sound in general including music and its effect on our mood and even our health in this fascinating TED Talk by Julian Treasure, ex drummer from the 1980's British art rock band The Transmitters. 

"Music is the most powerful sound there is for two reasons: we recognize it fast and we make quick powerful associations with it as well."  When you plan your event it can be said that what is happening sonically is the defining of a Brand unique to the client company or featured personalities. Thus music choices need to contain these features to have maximum impact: 1) congruence with the visual communication, props & decor; 2) making the music appropriate to the situation, event space, # of guests, etc. ; 3) making the music valuable rather than undistinguished (louder is not better); 4) testing the choice in the sense of being aware of who is listening and an anticipated response. 

Julian Treasure, TED Talk:

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