Saturday, June 19, 2010


New Product:

This year the music agency has a new 'green' product. We take the sounds from the environment and create sonic portraits 'bringing the outside inside'. The two types of portraits are: 1) Nature Sounds: Birds, the Ocean; Wind/Rain, etc; 2) Urban Sounds: Cable Cars; Streets of San Francisco; Las Vegas Casino; The Circus; etc. .

The sound files are played on concealed speakers in the event space as an ambient sound. The contents of each are 8-25 minutes in a loop of very detailed material: sound effects; music; spoken word. The Sound File can also be exported to an event site anywhere in the world with a web connection.


The concept is catching on with Planners, Site Managers and the clients themselves
for weddings, social, & corporate functions:

March-25-four Soundcapes for a 'Streets of SF' theme at a tented Union Square. (500 people).

April-24-a 'Las Vegas Casino' Soundscape: silent auction at the Fairmont Hotel. (800 people)

April 29-four Soundscapes for Cisco Systems to complement their 'Four Seasons' Theme

at the SF Metreon: spring, Summer, fall, winter. (2000 people)

June 22- A 'Ballpark' Soundscape for the ISES Luncheon at AT&T/Giants Stadium, (pending).

June 8-Nature Soundscapes for Cornerston Sonoma, Open Houses

June 30-Nature Soundscapes for The City Club/SF, Open House.

July 1-'Birds' Soundscape for Kenzo Winery, Open House

July 17- a 'Circus' Soundscape for a company picnic. (150 people)

More examples are on our web site. Additional multi-media Flyers

can be sent. I am creating new sonic portraits with themes all the time.

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