Friday, October 9, 2009

Hotel W

Many Hotels today are emerging from their traditional isolation, reaching out to the public and through vendors and event planners trying to be more proactive about their unique event spaces. At Hotel W on Wednesday their ballroom was lit in high tech fashion with blacks and lavender. Their roof top has been tented affording views to the Northwest and a very large space for more dancing and other festivities with interesting 'cabana type' niches. The elevator ride up was a highlight with a 3-D wall image of flowers.

This must be the third hotel 'roof top' tent in San Francisco competing for longevity with the City Permitting Office. Also at the St Regis and Hotel Vitale weekly or monthly time limits are strictly enforced with these architectural alterations to the original building's profile.

Looking up from a recent Potrero Hill morning walk with my dog I spied a gigantic gas powered barbecue with hood on the roof of a nearby house. Nice.

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